Clients. Not Cases.

A personal injury law firm that knows that the experience must be as good as the settlement.

Free Legal Consultations
Let us hear what happened and we will explore how we can help you in these difficult times.
Experience Speaks and Counsel Listens
A seasoned and strategic approach to your case while actually taking the time to listen to your specific needs.
Prepared to Push Boundaries
We're the firm that doesn't settle at the first offer, one that is committed to protecting their clients' interests.
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A Very Different Law Firm

Your Experience & Outcome is Everything

A Law Firm with Courtroom Experience

We are seasoned in the courtroom and know what it means to fight for you. We are prepared to take your case to court to get you what you deserve.

A Law Firm that is Here For You

With us, you are not just a case, you are our client and we are here to guide you and answer all of your questions.

Free Consultation and No Fee Unless You Win

We only win when you do. We are going to fight as hard as we have to get you the best possible outcome.

Our Practice Areas

Helping You Through Challenging Times

Your injuries need proper attention from medical professionals the same way your case does. We will assist you on your journey to healing by remaining in close contact with your care team.

Car Accident

Steering your path to justice, committed to securing maximum compensation for your injuries.

Slip & Fall

Holding them accountable for not mopping up the mess, dedicated to helping you recover.


Carefully employing seasoned legal strategies when they weren’t careful to protect you. 

Trip & Fall

Leveling the playing field with our experienced team, focused on your comeback.

Personal Injury

With empathetic advocacy, we’ll make sure they understand your specific physical, emotional, and financial losses.

Store Accident

From small-box to big-box store mishaps we utilitze out-of-the-box thinking to help you. 

Wrongful Death

Safeguarding your family’s rights when you suffer the ultimate loss.

Boating Accident

Navigating your legal voyage with our assertive approach and captaining you to calmer waters.

Motorcycle Accident

Riding alongside you with skill and attention on your road to recovery.

Truck Accident

We help you get back in the driver’s seat of your life after the wrongdoing of a big-wheel driver. 

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Each case presents it’s own unique facts and circumstances.